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Dive Deep Into the Mesozoic Era

Mini Museum Age of Dinosaurs is a subject-matter focused collection, a deep dive into one of the most epic periods of time in the history of our planet: the Mesozoic Era!

A breathtaking collection, Age of Dinosaurs is paced across one hundred and eighty-five million years, with animals, plants, and continents alike set in motion, adrift in a world sea.

Beginning with the near extinction of all life on Earth, we’ll witness the struggle to rebound even as the surface of the planet tears itself apart.

Adorned with feathers and scales, species will radiate and blossom in unparalleled variety, and by tooth and claw... life will find a way.

While exploring geological wonders and delicate treasures, we'll study the lords of air and sea and visit with each major family of dinosaurs, from birth to death and all the steps in between.

You will hold the largest creatures to ever walk the Earth and the most powerful predators of all time, and then, when we’ve reached the end, we’ll think deeply about where our own future might lead as life once more succumbs to a fiery cataclysm.

This is the Mesozoic Era. This is the Age of Dinosaurs!

What's in Age of Dinosaurs?

In total, there are 35 specimens in the Age of Dinosaurs collection, making it our largest since the First Edition!

If you look closely at the image above, you'll notice that the Large and the Small have a few differences. In this section, we've provided a chart of all the specimens in the collection and the versions in which they appear. Detailed descriptions and images of each item in the collection appears further down the page.

Age of Dinosaurs Specimen List

As with past editions, the Large and the Small versions will arrive in a handsome Display Box, protected by a Custom Microfiber Pouch.

Each Mini Museum also comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and a 160-page, hardbound book we call the Companion Guide.

The Companion Guide is a starting point for learning more about the specimens in the collection, details about our process, and additional references so that you can continue exploring on your own. The white cover is also useful when displaying the Mini Museum to larger groups, or when you have a teething raptor on your hands.

Kickstarter Details

The Kickstarter campaign for Age of Dinosaurs is live!

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Age of Dinosaurs is expected to begin shipping in February 2020 to Kickstarter Backers. Public availability is expected in May 2020.

Please Note: We know that some Kickstarter Backers would like to give Age of Dinosaurs as a gift this holiday so we will make special versions of our print-and-fold gift cards available after the campaign as we have done in the past.

Special Pricing and Upgrades Just for Kickstarter Backers

This time around we have a few changes and additions that will make the Kickstarter Editions more unique as well as giving back to those of you who invest in the creation of each Mini Museum.

Early Birds for Everyone!

Every tier in the campaign will receive special pricing! And since we're talking about dinosaurs it seemed really appropriate to name the pricing tiers after the three geological periods of the Mesozoic:

Early Bird I
  • Large $259
  • Touch $259
  • Small $99
Early Bird II
  • Large $269
  • Touch $269
  • Small $109
Early Bird III
  • Large $279
  • Touch $279
  • Small $119

Please Note: The campaign will launch with Triassic pricing, then as batches sell out, we'll add more tiers moving through Jurassic and Cretaceous with later delivery dates.

$10 World-Wide Shipping!

Once again we are offering $10 world-wide shipping to Kickstarter backers, so no matter where you are shipping it will cost just $10 for your Kickstarter reward.

Please Note: The shipping prices only apply to your Kickstarter rewards. Any add-ons purchased after the campaign will have standard shipping rates applied in line with past campaigns.

Important Information for Backers Outside the United States: As with past projects, the shipping price for your Kickstarter reward only includes the cost of shipping. The price does not include sales tax/VAT or any duties/customs fees that may apply.

Large and Touch Upgrade: Individual Numbering Exclusive to Kickstarter Backers

Every Mini Museum is unique but this time around we're going to make the Large and Touch Editions even more special for our Kickstarter backers by limiting the laser-etched, individual numbers to backers of the campaign.

After we finish the batches for our Kickstarter backers, additional Large Mini Museums will have "LIMITED EDITION" printed inside just as we do with the Small.

Mini Museum Age of Dinosaurs - Large (32-Specimens)
Touch Upgrade: Kickstarter Backers Will Receive All 35 Specimens

We've included a few alternate specimens in the Large and Small (Cretaceous Amber, Spinosaurus, and Tyrannosaurus rex). We did this to make each version a little more special.

When building the Touch, we also noticed that we could fill all of the slots this time around so that's exactly what we've decided to do for our Touch Edition Kickstarter backers!

Kickstarter Backers of the Touch Edition will receive all 35 specimens from the Age of Dinosaurs collection in addition to receiving an individually numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

After the campaign, the Touch Edition will feature the same 32 specimens as the Large and will not have an individual number.

All 35 Specimens from Age of Dinosaurs in the Touch!
T-Shirts: Support the Educational Donation Program!

We also have a new t-shirt design to support our Educational Donation Program! The shirt design features a custom illustration featuring specimens in the Age of Dinosaurs collection on a black t-shirt. Shirt style (unisex, fitted, and ladies fitted) will be determined during the post-campaign process and backers of other tiers will also have the opportunity to add shirts after the campaign.

All funds gathered from the shirt will be applied to our Educational Donation Program which sends Mini Museums and other specimens to organizations that work with children all over the world. Your support really helps!

Help us send Mini Museums to kids around the world!
Thank You!

Thank you so very much for taking the time to learn more about Age of Dinosaurs. As always we are so grateful for the opportunity to share such incredible specimens with the world!

Age of Dinosaurs Specimens

Click the pictures below to reveal more details about each specimen.