Dinosaurs From Beginning to End

One-hundred and eighty-six million of years of authentic dinosaur history you can wear!

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About the Core Sample Necklace

A Journey Across Deep Time

The Core Sample covers the entire Mesozoic Era (c. 251,902,000 - 66,000,000 years ago), from the largest extinction event in history to the asteroid that brought the Age of Dinosaurs to an end. Meticulous preparation of authentic specimens resulting in a stunning, handcrafted treasure.

Drilling into the Age of Dinosaurs

We've selected eight specimens to highlight key points from the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous Periods: fantastic creatures such as Diplodocus and Tyrannosaurus Rex, important geological formations, and the two, critical extinction events that bookend the Age of Dinosaurs. Each distinct layer is carefully prepared to showcase the incredible material and provide a starting point for your journey across deep time.

A Handcrafted Treasure

Mini Museum Core Sample and decorative gift box.

Measuring approximately 45 millimeters in length, the shape of the Core Sample is inspired by classic scientific samples used to study the composition of materials and geological stratigraphy. A small information card is also included and even more details about each specimen are available below.

The 20-inch (~50cm) cable-style chain is made from Sterling Silver. The chain connects by means of a spring clasp and is joined by a Sterling Silver centerpiece which is handcrafted here at Mini Museum. The centerpiece runs through a Sterling Silver channel embedded in the Core Sample. This design allows you to remove the Core Sample from the chain for more convenient sharing or you can even replace the chain for a second look. A 36-inch (~1m) length of black leather cord is included with the Core Sample just for this purpose.

Core Sample

Core Sample Necklace

Age of Dinosaurs

Specimens of the Core Sample

Click the pictures below to reveal more details about each specimen from the Age of Dinosaurs Edition of the Core Sample.

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