Thousands of Years of Egyptian Craftsmanship

Authentic Egyptian Faience Beads from the 1st Century BCE

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About the Mummy Beads Necklace

The Visual Essence of Immortality

Top: Mummy Beads and decorative gift box. Bottom: Macro image illustrating the finish.

For thousands of years, artisans in Egypt and Mesopotamia created vibrant ceramics to echo the beauty of rare jewels. Once known by the Egyptian word tjehenet or "that which shines", the bright finish is the result of a chemical process we know today as efflorescence.

Beginning with ground quartz, elements such as copper, cobalt, and magnesium are combined to form a malleable, earthy paste. When fired at temperatures over 800°C, metallic oxides migrate through the porous material, cooling at the surface, and leaving behind the rich colors and glass-like surface thought to capture the visual essence of immortality.

This 18" Sterling silver necklace features a hand-selected collection of Egyptian faience beads dating to the 1st century BCE. The beads come from a private collection acquired in the 1960s. The necklace comes in a decorative box and includes a small information card about the specimens.

Please Note: While we've done our very best to ensure that each necklace is beautiful, the color and quantity of beads will vary as every bead was handmade thousands of years ago and the thickness is variable. As a result, your necklace will be absolutely unique and should have approximately 25-30 beads.

Mummy Beads

Mummy Beads

1st Century BCE Egypt

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