Introducing the All-New Mini Museum Jewelry Collection

Sharing your love of the universe with science and history you can wear!

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Moon & Stars
Moon & Stars Necklace
Medieval Chain Mail Necklace
Relics and Armor
Ammonite Jewelry
Moldavite Jewelry
Ammolite Pendant Necklace
K2 Raindrop Pendant Necklace
Mountains & Geology
Fordite Pendant Necklace
Motor Agate
Mummy Beads
Mummy Beads Necklace
Ancient Egypt
Core Sample
Core Sample Necklace
Age of Dinosaurs

About the Mini Museum Jewelry Collection

Clockwise from the top: Hans and Jen examining the Mini Museum Core Sample, Hans working on Jurassic Matrix, Jen preparing Core Sample materials. The video below is a time-lapse demonstrating the preparation of Core Samples.

Hello, everyone!

From the endless beauty of outer space to the mysteries of deep time, the Mini Museum Jewelry Collection is a new way to share your love of science, history, and the universe.

The collection is designed by Jen Frazier. Jen's been involved with Mini Museum since the First Edition and her creative talents are behind the design of a number of specimens in the Third Edition.

Collaborating with Jen on the project has been a true joy. Her reimagining of what a Mini Museum can be is incredibly exciting.

Below you'll find details about each one of the pieces in the new collection. We've worked hard to make this a reflection of what I hoped to achieve with the Mini Museum: sharing the love of science and history with others. I hope you enjoy exploring!

Thank you so very much for your time and support. Now, it's back to work!

- Hans Fex
Creator and Chief Curator of the Mini Museum

The Universe is Amazing!

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