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My name is Hans Fex, and I am the creator of the Mini Museum.

What is a Mini Museum?

A Mini Museum is a personal collection of rare specimens from Earth and beyond. Carefully curated and handcrafted, each limited edition features a unique lineup of iconic specimens designed to inspire wonder and curiosity about the universe.

The Mini Museum invites you to explore your place in science, history, and time. From rare meteorites and fossils to lost civilizations and relics of the most talked about places and events in human history, each specimen in the Mini Museum is carefully selected to create a unique collection which spans billions of years yet still fits in your pocket.

The Mini Museum Story

I've been collecting rare and fascinating objects for most of my life, but the original idea for the Mini Museum started with a gift from my father, Dr. Jörgen Fex.

First specimens from Malta and my father, Dr. Jörgen Fex (1924-2006)

In 1977, my father was a research scientist and a Director at the National Institutes of Health. Growing up, we had a subscription to every great science magazine - and living near Washington DC we visited the Smithsonian museums and saw dinosaur bones, meteorites, and rockets almost every weekend. My father kept an amazing collection of artifacts at his lab and also at home.

After a trip to Malta, he returned with some artifacts which he embedded into epoxy resin. I had never seen this done before and it was beautiful.

Then, all at once, I saw it... A grand collection within a manageable space that I could share with others.

Over the decades I never let go of that original idea. Along the way, I was fortunate to meet many amazing scientists, museum curators, astronauts, and other adventurers. With their help and the backing of thousands of people around the world, I've been able to assemble an incredible collection to realize my life-long dream.

Below are a few pictures of the more than 10,000 backers and customers who have provided support to the Mini Museum. Without the support of such incredible people, the Mini Museum would not be possible. It is truly an honor to have so many people who share in your dream. Thank you all so very, very much!

Over 10,000 people around the world! Thank you!

There is so much left to explore, and I am so happy to continue the journey with all of these wonderful people. I welcome you to come along.

- Hans Fex, Creator and Chief Curator of the Mini Museum

The Third Edition

Rare specimens, artfully arranged, and encased in Lucite® acrylic.

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Soaring to New Heights

Beginning with rare gems formed in the heart of an asteroid during the formation of the solar system, the Third Edition of the Mini Museum features 29 incredible and inspiring specimens.

The Large Third Edition Mini Museum (pictured above) includes all 29 specimens from the Third Edition collection. The Museum measures 5x4x1 inches and includes a Display Box, Certificate of Authenticity, Custom Microfiber Pouch, and full-color Companion Guide.

The Small Third Edition Mini Museum features a subset of 12 specimens from the Third Edition. The Museum measures 4x3x1 inches and includes a Display Box, Certificate of Authenticity, and Custom Microfiber Pouch. We've also included the complete Third Edition Companion Guide so that you can read about the entire collection.

Mini Museum Companion Guide

As noted above, both the Large and the Small Mini Museum come with a book we call the Companion Guide.

Pages from the Third Edition Companion Guide.

The Companion Guide is a full-color book containing the story of all the specimens in the collection. We've also added more in-process pictures of specimen creation and many additional references so that you can continue the journey of learning.

Explore the Collection

In total, the full collection of the Third Edition of the Mini Museum contains 29 incredible specimens. We invite you to learn more about all of the specimens in the Third Edition below.

Specimen Chart for the Third Edition

Specimens of the Third Edition

Click the pictures below to reveal more details about each specimen.

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