Hello, everyone!

My name is Hans Fex, and I am the creator of the Mini Museum.

Why I Created Mini Museum

The Mini Museum Story

I've spent most of my life collecting rare and fascinating objects. Over the years, I've been able to assemble an incredible collection which I am now sharing with the world.

Collecting water from the Amazon River in Peru

Since our first Kickstarter project in 2014, we've shared this journey across space and time with thousands of people all over the world. It's been an amazing adventure so far, but it really all began with a gift from my father, Dr. Jörgen Fex...

First specimens from Malta and my father, Dr. Jörgen Fex (1924-2006)

In 1977, my father was a research scientist and a Director at the National Institutes of Health. Growing up, we had a subscription to every great science magazine - and living near Washington DC we visited the Smithsonian museums and saw dinosaur bones, meteorites, and rockets almost every weekend. My father kept an amazing collection of artifacts at his lab and also at home.

After a trip to Malta, he returned with some artifacts which he embedded into epoxy resin. I had never seen this done before and it was beautiful.

Then, all at once, I saw it...

A grand collection within a manageable space that I could share with others.

Over the decades I never let go of that original idea. Along the way, I was fortunate to meet many amazing scientists, museum curators, astronauts, and other adventurers. With their help and the backing of thousands of people around the world, I've been able to assemble an incredible collection to realize my life-long dream.

Below are a few pictures of the more than 20,000 backers and customers who have provided support to the Mini Museum. Without the support of such incredible people, the Mini Museum would not be possible. It is truly an honor to have so many people who share in your dream. Thank you all so very, very much!

Three incredible projects and over 20,000 people from around the world! Thank you!

There is so much left to explore, and I am so happy to continue the journey with all of these wonderful people. I welcome you to come along.

- Hans Fex, Creator and Chief Curator of the Mini Museum

P.S. Oh, and let's not forget this gang of amazing people below! The Mini Museum wouldn't be possible without the hard work and dedication of everyone you see in the picture below, and quite a few others you do not see. The adventure of building the Mini Museum has brought me into contact with so many wonderful people. I can't help but be amazed and so very, very grateful.

The Universe is Amazing!

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