The Second Edition

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Large or Small, Every Mini Museum is Unique

Each Mini Museum is made by hand, and every specimen is carefully selected and meticulously prepared by our team. As a result, each Mini Museum is absolutely unique and breathtakingly beautiful.

Pictured below, the Large Second Edition Mini Museum includes all 26 specimens from the Second Edition collection. The Museum measures 4x5x1 inches and includes a Display Box, Certificate of Authenticity, Custom Microfiber Pouch, and full-color Companion Guide.

The Small Second Edition Mini Museum features a subset of 10 specimens from the Second Edition. The Museum measures 3x4x1 inches and includes a Display Box, Certificate of Authenticity, and Custom Microfiber Pouch. We've also included the complete Second Edition Companion Guide so that you can read about the entire collection.

We invite you to learn more about all of the specimens in the Second Edition below. For an even deeper exploration of each specimen, we recommend turning to the Companion Guide, the book that accompanies the Mini Museum and serves as the next stop in your journey.

Specimen Chart for the Second Edition

Specimens of the Second Edition

Click the pictures below to reveal more details about each specimen.

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