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A New Journey Begins...

Featuring amino acids captured during the birth of the solar system, the Fourth Edition of the Mini Museum is an all-new journey spanning billions of years across time, space, and life!

Together, we'll visit the bright highlands of the Moon, witness cataclysmic events here on Earth, and examine hundreds of millions of years of evolution.

From powerful predators on land and in the sea... to birds and rodents of unusual size.

At last, we'll come to the shores of our very own moment in the long story of life here on Earth.

From mighty civilizations and cultures spanning millennia, we'll move on to examine modern symbols of democracy and war, creativity and innovation... and reflect on the resilience of humanity.

The collection ends by turning back toward the promise of space and marveling at the wonder of life.

In total, the Fourth Edition of the Mini Museum contains 29 specimens, a truly awesome collection to have and to explore.

And it's all right there in the palm of your hand...

Designed to Inspire for Generations

The Mini Museum is a handcrafted, limited edition collectible. The unique specimens are artfully arranged and clearly labeled. The entire collection is encased in Lucite acrylic and designed to inspire for generations.

Mini Museum 4 - Designed to Inspire for Generations!

As pictured above, your Mini Museum will arrive in a handsome Display Box designed just for the Fourth Edition. Inside the foam padded box, your Mini Museum will be protected by a Custom Micro-Fiber Pouch. You will also find a Certificate of Authenticity, and a special hardcover book which we call the Companion Guide.

Companion Guide with the Fourth Edition and Custom, Micro-Fiber Pouch

The Companion Guide is a starting point for learning more about the specimens in the collection, details about our process, and additional references so that you can continue exploring on your own.

Pages from the Draft of the Fourth Edition Companion Guide

The Mini Museum is a truly awesome collection to have and to explore, and will be a compliment to treasures you may already own. It also makes a wonderful gift for the person who has just about everything, or for someone special you want to inspire. It is designed for sharing!

Explore the Collection

In total, the full collection of the Fourth Edition of the Mini Museum contains 29 incredible specimens. We invite you to learn more about all of the specimens in the Fourth Edition below.

Specimens of the Fourth Edition

Click the pictures below to reveal more details about each specimen.