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About the Fordite Pendant Necklace

American-Made Motor Agate

Top: Fordite and decorative gift box. Bottom: Every Fordite necklace is unique and beautiful.

The bright, jewel-like layers of Fordite are comprised of thousands of layers of automobile paint. Drop by drop, each layer represents a different vehicle as it passed through the paint booth in the factory. Heated to hundreds of degrees, the layers fused together to form one of the most beautiful and completely accidental man-made composites.

This 18-inch (~45cm) Sterling Silver necklace features a custom crafted piece of Fordite. The Fordite measures approximately 1 1/3 inches (~35mm). Colors and patterns will vary widely, so each piece is sure to be unique. The cable-style chain runs through a Sterling Silver bail and can be removed or replaced if desired. The complete necklace comes in a decorative box and includes a small information card about the specimens.

The handcrafted method used to produce this specimen is similar to the method used to create the Third Edition and large Fordite add-ons. Beautiful to look at, Fordite also provides a look into the history of automobile manufacturing. The Third Edition Companion Guide includes a detailed article on the history of Fordite.

Note: Pictured below is a piece of raw Fordite. Many hours will go into handcrafting the final specimen from these brittle layers of automobile paint.


Fordite Pendant Necklace

American-Made Motor Agate

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Fordite Pendant Necklace
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