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Soaring to New Heights

Beginning with rare gems formed in the heart of an asteroid during the formation of the solar system, the Third Edition of the Mini Museum features 29 incredible and inspiring specimens.

The Large Third Edition Mini Museum (pictured above) includes all 29 specimens from the Third Edition collection. The Museum measures 5x4x1 inches and includes a Display Box, Certificate of Authenticity, Custom Microfiber Pouch, and full-color Companion Guide.

The Small Third Edition Mini Museum features a subset of 12 specimens from the Third Edition. The Museum measures 4x3x1 inches and includes a Display Box, Certificate of Authenticity, and Custom Microfiber Pouch. We've also included the complete Third Edition Companion Guide so that you can read about the entire collection.

Mini Museum Companion Guide

As noted above, both the Large and the Small Mini Museum come with a book we call the Companion Guide.

Pages from the Third Edition Companion Guide.

The Companion Guide is a full-color book containing the story of all the specimens in the collection. We've also added more in-process pictures of specimen creation and many additional references so that you can continue the journey of learning.

Explore the Collection

In total, the full collection of the Third Edition of the Mini Museum contains 29 incredible specimens. We invite you to learn more about all of the specimens in the Third Edition below.

Specimen Chart for the Third Edition

Specimens of the Third Edition

Click the pictures below to reveal more details about each specimen.

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